четверг, 16 июня 2011 г.

Akhmetov Foundation helps to save a child's family

On June 14th 2011, Rіnat Akhmetov Foundation for the Development of Ukraine, Donetsk City Council and international NGO HealthRight have signed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of the project "Save a Child's Family" 
Main objectives of the joint project are as follows: to identify and then to provide various assistance to families with children who appeared in difficult situations; to communicate with parents in order to prevent the deprivation of parental rights, and getting children to boarding schools, not to allow the streets teaching children. 
Dry statistics shows disappointing figures: in 2010 in Donetsk 208 families with 343 children received social welfare, while social services were provided nearly to 4,000 families. "Children in difficult circumstances should not remain alone with their problems. Our common goal is to do everything possible to make the life of our children better ", said Donetsk mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko. This is not the first experience of the city to jointly address problems of children in need. The mayor said that experts are now completing the design of the dormitory for orphans under 18 years. The municipal budget has allocated 1,7 million UAH to finance the newly created rehabilitation center for children with ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis), established by parents’ initiative. 
It is obvious to everyone that in addition to solving the problems associated with orphanhood, it is effective assistance to families is essential. We can say that today the best way to care for a child is to help his family, - said  Darya Kasyanova, Leader of Programm,  Foundation Development of Ukraine.

Anatoliy Zharov for daily Donetskie Novosti
16 June 2011