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About Olexandr Feldman International Charitable Fund

International Charitable Fund Olexandr Feldman’s Fund was established in 1997. At present, it is one of Ukraine’s largest charity organizations. The charity support has been provided to over 32,000 individuals and almost 3,500 organizations for years of the fund operations. The foundation allocated $6 mn to charity projects in the city of Kharkiv (Ukraine) for 10 yrs (1997-2007).

It’s long time that the Fund has been involved in charitable activities clearly structured in areas that are in need of development. In particular, the Fund supports sport, health care, cultural and educational programs in Kharkiv region. Those projects are being implemented regardless of the economic or political environment in this country.
E.g., the AVEC Fund injected $163,447.77 in 1997; $195,211.11 in 1998; $140,647.80 in 1999; $255,507.72 in 2000; $536,253.22 in 2001; $886,194.21 in 2002; $1,022,747.73 in 2003; $1,170,310.20 in 2004; $1,333,207.92 in 2005; and $1,284,174.06 in 2006. The total amount given to charity for 10 years was about UAH30 million, of which UAH6,595,299 was targeted to cultural projects; UAH5,878,602 – to education programs; UAH3,270,443 – to health care; and 3,195,045 – to sportsmen support programs.
Since 2005 the Fund has been implementing the Memory and Gratitude project launched just before the 60th anniversary of the Victory Day with a purpose of drawing public attention to mass grave sites from the Nazi occupation during the Second World War. The project was later expanded, and now it is focused on searching for unknown and identifying nameless grave sites, their maintenance and safeguarding; restoration of existing memorials and commemorative structures and erection of new ones. The project involves schoolchildren, students, museum and archives officers and professional historians.
For the period of 2005-2007, there were restored or erected monuments in Kyiv (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky), Chernihiv (Chernihiv, Pryluky), Khmelnytsk (Kamenets-Podolsky), Volyn (the villages of Nesukhonzhe, Pnevno, Olka), Zhytomyr (Korosten, the village of Narodychy), Ivano-Frankivsk (the villages of Yablunev, Zabolotov), Vynnytsia (Tulchin), Odessa (Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky) and Cherkasy Oblasts (Shpola). In 2005, Olexandr Feldman’s Fund participated in the construction of Drobytsky Yar Memorial Complex in Kharkiv Oblast. Besides, the Fund always allocates money to grave & cemetery maintenance in Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Odessa, Vynnytsia and Chernihiv Oblasts.
The Ukrainian Park with the monument in memory of the Holodomor victims is going to be built in Jerusalem (Israel) under the aegis and on the money of Olexandr Feldman’s Fund.
Since 2001 the Fund sponsors the annual regional children football competition 1000 Teams Tournament that runs during winter vacation at all Kharkiv city and Kharkiv Oblast schools and are considered by the UEFA to be Europe’s largest regional children football competition. The tournament covers boys and since 2004 girls under 10-12 y.o. The games enjoy popularity with children. The first tournament gathered 40,000 boys, and the last – over 70,000 young football players. Over 300 thousand children took part in the tournament for its existence.
The Fund and Concern AVEC which enterprises provide 20% of Kharkiv public budget revenues commenced to put in place the active social investments policy in the city of Kharkiv in 2007. The policy is aimed at addressing Kharkiv’s most topical social challenges: upgrade of the social and cultural infrastructure, aid to families of public sector employees, combating children’s homelessness and delinquency, aid to medical facilities and children with severe diseases. In particular, 150 kids of parents who work in state-financed organizations had a trip to the Black Sea in 2007; the city administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine received video control systems to be mounted at major crossroads in Kharkiv. 

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