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Rinat Akhmetov: I will always be concerned in charity 

In March 2008 Charitable Foundation "Development of Ukraine" has reported on their activities for the first time for two years of its functioning. Project outcomes were
summarized, Foundation’s complete financial report was presented, as well as the prospective directions and projects of the Foundation for 2008 presented. Rinat Akhmetov,  who established the Foundation, a businessman and MP from the Party of Regions  has allocated $150 million to finance the projects and programs of "Development of Ukraine" for the next 5 years.
Annual report of the Foundation "Development of Ukraine" was an important indicator of Ukrainian charity.
Presentation of Foundation’ annual report became an unprecedented event for Ukraine. It has become an important
performance indicator not only for the Foundation, but for Ukrainian charity as a whole. And the remarkability of this event for the country lies in the fact that the revival of charity tradition is coming not from abroad, but is done through national efforts.
The announcement of the Foundation official status change was no less important: corporate "System Capital Management" charity foundation became Rinat Akhmetov personal Foundation.  
In his opening remarks, Rinat Akhmetov has noted that the presentation was a very important event to him. He believes that in Ukraine there are system problems that only a systematic approach can beat. In his view, these problems need to be sounded loudly. He said: “I do like the words, that charity has a quiet voice.  So, I silently donated and helped to those who needed it. That was my principle; it was my first stage of charity. But, unfortunately, in our country there are systematic problems that cannot be resolved quietly ".

Charity is the ability to feel others' pain
Corporate Foundation "Development of Ukraine" was created by SCM in 2005. "This was my second stage in charity: the stage of corporate social responsibility” - said Rinat Akhmetov. “And now, today, the third charity phase comes: the stage of personal responsibility." According to him, he would always be engaged in charity activities. Explaining his role in the Foundation, Rinat Akhmetov said that it consisted of three things: "First is to define Foundation philosophy, second is to create a team that shares this philosophy and third is provide
steady funding. What is my philosophy of charity? Charity is the ability to feel other people' pain. Charity is the ability to share others’ pain. Charity is a systematic control of system problems. Charity means focusing on results and transparency. "