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Vlada Prokaeva: The authorities do not have money to afford either a rural library or the talented young people

Vlada Prokaeva, Head of the Foundation “Talented Children are the Future of Ukraine” told about the priorities of her philanthropic activities.

What in your opinion causes acute problems in our society? Which of them do you think, are the highest priority for the philanthropic involvement and why?
We live in a very difficult time. The collapse of USSR and the beginning of independence in our country has caused as many advantages and positive aspects as a lot of difficulties. In particular, we face many problems in education and culture sphere and the most banal of them are related to lack of inancing.
The government provides insufficient funds to supply and update the regional libraries, it is no secret that library is the only place to acquire new knowledge for young people in small towns and villages.
Small attention and Insufficient resources are allocated to support and develop young musicians, and especially to help children from boarding schools and from socially disadvantaged families.
Also, in my opinion young generation of Ukrainians is not aware in full measure, does not appreciate and protect the national heritage, both natural and cultural.
What are the main activities of your Foundation and why these trends were chosen?  What were your selection criteria?
The Foundation is working systematically in the chosen direction, developing the existing programs and implementing new ones.
Last year, like in previous three years, we were working on our program, "Support young talent". This initiative is aimed at finding and promoting the gifted children, holding all-Ukrainian and regional programs, contests and festivals featuring talented children and youth of our country.
The program included a concert of Vitaly Kozlovsky and the Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak, where students of the boarding school named after Lysenko performed at one stage together with favorite artists.
Also last year the Foundation initiated by two auctions, and the funds derived were transferred to support children and youth - music stands, drums, music and computer equipment were purchased, as well as household appliances and furniture for students of the boarding school named after Lysenko. In addition, every month since 2009 the best 10 students of the boarding school have been receiving personalized scholarships from our Foundation. Another program implemented by the Foundation is "With a book in the heart."
The program includes not only the supplementing the regional Ukrainian libraries for the youth by the sets of 500 essential books, but also raising attention to the Ukrainian books, initiating the trend of reading, as the development and formation of an individual’s identity.
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