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Vlada Prokaeva Charitable Foundation “Talented Children are the Future of Ukraine”

The Head of the Charitable Foundation “Talented Children are the Future of Ukraine” Vlada Prokaeva is a famous business lady, adviser to the Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports, Deputy Head of UNESCO Department at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Miss Ukraine ’95, ex-president of one of most successful Ukrainian modeling agencies Karin MMG, the face of world-known brands and an idol of many Ukrainian girls. In 2007 Vlada founded a charitable foundation “Talented Children are the Future of Ukraine”, where she found her true calling.

Vlada was born in Brovary city, Kyiv region, on August 7, 1970.
In childhood she diligently studied music. In 1985 she graduated with an excellence award from Kyiv State Higher Music College named in honor of Glier majoring in fortepiano followed by Odessa Conservatory in 1994.
In September 2007 Vlada became a student at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She successfully graduated from the Academy in the summer of 2009 and became a postgraduate student in the fall. In September of 2010 Prokaeva was appointed the Deputy Head of UNESCO Department at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Charitable Foundation “Gifted Children – the Future of Ukraine” was founded on September 28, 2007 and for more than three years has been helping gifted children from low-income and troubled families, as well as supporting educational, cultural and creative initiatives in Ukraine.
The foundation has been successfully implementing its programs and supporting several Kyiv orphanage-schools and a music orphanage-school named in honor of Lysenko, where particular attention is being paid to the creative development of children. Vlada established nominal scholarships for the future musicians and regularly transfers computer and musical equipment.

In 2009 the Charitable Foundation of Vada Prokaeva for the first time conducted a contest festival “On St. Nickola’s Day the Creative Spark is Burning” with over 10 000 creative children’s works being sent for consideration. The celebration took place in the pillared hall of Kyiv City State Administration, where all participants and winners received gifts and prizes and popular artists performed on the stage.
In 2010 Vlada Prokaeva Charitable Foundation started a new direction of activity with an All-Ukrainian program “With a Book in the Heart” aimed to replenish 24 regional libraries for youth (buying and transferring books amounting to 1 000 000 UAH), a social adaptation program for girls from orphanage-schools, PTCs and low-income families “Beregynya”, where aside from psychologists, teachers and medical workers, the girls were taught the secrets of success by the stars of TV, film, sports and show business.
From 1999 to 2009 Vlada was a Head of the modeling agency Karin MMG. Based onher own experience, in 2003 she publishes a modeling business manual “Profession: Model”, which till this day helps young women who dream of starting a career on the runway.

Titles and awards
Order of Saint Anna the Righteous from Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 2010;
Letter of Commendation “For Charity” from the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports, 2009;
Honorary Letter “For Charity” from the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports;
“Smile of the Year” according to Hello magazine, 2009;
“TOP -25 most active and effective Ukrainian patrons” according to newpaper “Delo”, 2009;
“Rating of Ukrainian business ladies” according to Weekly.ua magazine, 2009;
“Awaed for valuable input in charitable activities of Ukraine” from Kyiv City Administration and Red Cross community, 2008;
“TOP – 100 most beautiful people of Ukraine” according to May Fashion, 2008, 2009, 2010;
“Order of Saint Stanislav”, 2007;
“ELLE-IDOL” according to ELLE, 2008;
“100 most influential women of Ukraine” according to “Focus” magazine, 2007;
“The Woman of the III Millennium”, 2006;
“Beautiful Symbol of the Nation”, 2006;
“The most stylish woman of Ukraine” according to “Zhensky Zhurnal”, 2006, 2009;
“Miss Ukraine 1995”;

Vlada became a symbol of stability and success.
Today she graces over 120 magazine and newspaper covers.
From 2004 to 2009 Vlada signs contracts and becomes the “face” of “Kyivstar” (Ukraine), 2004; “Rozarium” from DR Sante (Ukraine), 2005; “Myagkoe Zoloto” (Ukraine) 2006-2009; Jaguar (Britain), 2007; Soho Square (Egypt), 2009; She also represents several fashion houses: Osmany Laffita (Check Republic), from 2006; Eugina Fenenko (Ukraine), 2008; Alina Gasse (Ukraine), 2009.
Vlada also writes a regular column “Etiquette” in Cosmolady magazine and personal blogs on the websites “Ukrainska Pravda” and “Correspondent”. In 2010 she initiated a start of the project “Women of the Future” in L'Officiel-Ukraine magazine. Each edition of this popular magazine contains her interviews with famous and successful women from the world of fashion, theater, film, show business, politics and art.
Music lovers know her from music videos to the songs of Mykhailo Poplavskyi “Kropyva”, Oleksandr Ponamorev “Choven” and “Vin Chekae na Nei”, and Vilalii Kozlovskyi “Dozhd’ Stuchit v Okno”.

Views and positions
In 2007 Vlada made a list of 100 most influential woman of Ukraine according to “Focus” magazine. Her consequence is based on her social activity, high level of professionalism, ability to influence large masses and high ideals.
In 2009 Vlada Prokaeva made a list of Ukrainian business ladies according to Weekly.ua magazine and made it to top 25 most active and effective Ukrainian patrons according to newspaper “Delo”.
In 2010 participated in the project “Women, who change the world” (in nomination “Charity”), organized by “Vechernii Vesti” newpaper.
“In a real society charity is considered a social norm of treating people, who require help, support and compassion”, - noted Vlada at the event “Dni Gaidna”.
“I am happy that I can afford to do what I want. My biggest desire is to help talented children, who became the victims of socially unstable situations”, - says Vlada regarding her charity work.
“A book has a huge influence on the social development of an individual. If parents love and respect the printed word, that love is being passed on to the younger generations”, - said Vlada Prokaeva at the press conference dedicated to the launch of the project “With a Book in the Heart”.
“The success of a country is measured not by its political and economic achievements, but by the development of its humanitarian sphere. In particular, educational, cultural and scientific achievements, where an important role plays the condition of libraries, museums, archives and concert halls”, - from Vlada’s report at the “Western Ukrainian Publisher’s Forum”.

Family and interests
Vlada has two daughters – Margarita (21 y.o) and Kristina (10 y.o). All of her free time she dedicates to her children, teaches them to be independent and self-sufficient individuals. Vlada is married to the Head of Agro Soyuz Corporation Sergiy Prokayev. She enjoys sports, parachuting in particular, and leads a healthy lifestyle.