четверг, 1 сентября 2011 г.

Elena Pinchuk and her ANTIAIDS Foundation

Elena Pinchuk (Franchuk) grew up in the "cosmic" family: her father, Leonid Kuchma, was a head of the biggest design office of the rocket industry "Uzhnoye" and factory "Uzhmash". Elena studied at the physicotechnical and economic faculties of Dnepropetrovsk State University. She graduated as "Economic and Sociology". She worked at banking and TV communication spheres.
In 2003 Elena Pinchuk founded ANTIAIDS Foundation - the first and the sole charity, established with private funds, committed to fighting against AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. Elena Pinchuk Foundation aims to realize its activities at all social levels - from national programs to direct support to the people affected by AIDS epidemic. Among Foundation' programs are national media campaigns, large - scale actions with the world wide known celebrities, fundraising for the concrete projects, work with the opinion leaders, attracting best international experience for the fight against AIDS in Ukraine, involving famous Ukrainians for the fight against AIDS.
During five years of Elena Pinchuk being chairman of ANTIAIDS Foundation she initiated joint projects with such organizations as Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Mercury Phoenix Trust. Sir Elton John, Miss World 2006 Tatyana Kucharova and Miss World 2007 Zi Lin Zhang, Queen, the Seventh General Secretary of UN Kofi Annan were part of the ANTIAIDS Foundation' projects.
Due to media campaigns, developed by Elena in collaboration with the leading local and international advertising agencies, she managed to change the attitude of the society to the AIDS problem, to raise awareness of the youths about the ways of HIV/AIDS transmission, to decrease risky behaviors among vulnerable groups. Foundation also created social brand Fashion AID to unite leading Ukrainian designers, celebrities, Olympic champions, famous journalists, outstanding politicians and opinion leaders. This project created enormous media response and draw attention of the society to the AIDS problem in Ukraine.
Elena Pinchuk organized in Ukraine several large-scaled charitable concerts with participation of the world biggest stars. In June 2007 on Kiev Maydan Nezalezhnosty Sir Elton John performed charitable concert to benefit AIDS topic. After that concert for the first time during 20 years of AIDS epidemic in Ukraine specialists registered reduce of the heterosexual way of HIV transmission. Queen + Paul Rogers concert took place in September, 2008 in Kharkov and broke out the record of the audience (350 thousands) both at the history of the band and at the history of Ukraine.

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