четверг, 6 октября 2011 г.

Victor and Elena Pinchuk welcome fourth child

The family of Ukrainian businessman and art patron Victor Pinchuk is celebrating a new addition to the family. On 28th September 2011 Pinchuk’s wife Elena gave birth to a baby girl, whose name has not yet been announced.
She is the fourth child in the Pinchuk family, and their second one together. Their first child, Ekaterina, is eight years old. Twenty-year-old Roman is Elena’s son from her first marriage, and Mariya, 29, is from Pinchuk’s previous marriage.
Elena is the daughter of former president Leonid Kuchma, she founded the first and sole Ukrainian foundation to address HIV/AIDS epidemic, which is working at private expenses.
The list of Pinchuks activities in Ukraine is hard to exhaust. Apart from the economic forum for the world’s mighty in the Crimea, Pinchuk’s philanthropic venture “Victor Pinchuk Foundation” contributes significant donations to fight AIDs, supports talented youth and memoralize the Holocaust. Pinchuk also partners with the George Soros Fund on certain initiatives.
One of Victor’s most notable charity enterprises is the renowned Pinchuk Art Center in the center of Kyiv, which offers to the visitors world-class contemporary art free of charge. Pinchuk has has also sponsored the performances of legendary musicians Elton John in Kyiv in 2007 and Paul McCartney in 2008.