среда, 4 апреля 2012 г.

First child born in "New Life" Neonatal Centre in Kirovohrad

The first child was born on March 6th, in the "New Life" Neonatal Centre in Kirovohrad. A baby-girl named Alina was born on March, 1. She was delivered through C-section surgery, weighing 2470g. The child came into the world before expected due date, on 34th week of pregnancy.
Currently, the little girl is nursed in the intensive care unit “Cradles of Hope”, fully equipped by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation within the framework of the government project “New Life”. The newborn undergoes infusion therapy and receives ventilatory support through the Infant Flow nCPAP generator, while her vital body functions are being constantly monitored.
Olena Kryvorozhenko, head of perinatal centre in of Kirovohrad: "With this equipment we were able to immediately respond to the needs of the child born with moderate health condition. New equipment makes it easier to stop the flow of oxygen and allows us to apply the latest technology in nursing premature babies."
In 2011 the Victor Pinchuk Foundation became a partner in the national project “New Life” initiated by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and made a commitment to supply intensive care units for newborns with modern medical equipment, allocating for this purpose UAH 100 million. The overall cost of the medical and computer equipment handed over to Kirovohrad centre totals UAH 4 223 671.00.
Since “Cradles of Hope” program launch, 151 855 infants have been born in partner hospitals. 26 566 of them were patients of intensive care and resuscitation units. According to doctors, 12 452 babies were saved due to, among other things, the equipment installed within the "Cradles of Hope" project.
The overall costs the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has invested into the program "Cradles of Hope” since its launch in 2006 totals 52 023 032.00 UAH.